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Sample of Nepali divorce paper

Sample of Nepali Divorce Paper

There are different opinions among laypersons about the meaning and importance of divorce papers. On the one hand, some people think that divorce paper means the papers and documents needed to get a divorce. While others think that the divorce paper is the document proving your legal divorce.

So what exactly is divorce paper?

Divorce paper is the paper given to you (both husband and wife) by the court proving that the court has formally dissolved your relationship. This serves as evidence of the divorce and can be presented to the appropriate offices (registry office, tax office, pension provider, health insurance companies) if necessary. In Nepal, divorce paper is not just any formal paper printed on a court paper with names and photos of both husband and wife. In Nepal, the divorce paper is representative of all the arrangements and settlements decided at the time of divorce. The divorce paper in Nepal consists of all the details that have taken place at the time of the divorce process.

Types of divorce paper sample in Nepal

In the divorce process, one of the spouses files for a divorce in the court stating the cause for the divorce. then the other spouse has to submit his or her written reply. There are two ways by which one can get a divorce in Nepal. One under mutual consent of both husband and wife and the other by the court order when one of the spouses denies for the divorce. Accordingly, the divorce paper sample is also categorized as Mutual consent divorce paper sample and Court Order divorce paper sample.

  1. Mutual consent divorce paper sample

When the divorce is taken with the mutual consent of both husband and wife, then it is obvious that both husband and wife need the divorce paper after the final settlement of the divorce process. Therefore, the mutual consent divorce paper is prepared by the lawyer of both the parties (husband and wife). The mutual consent divorce paper should have four inches left above the paper heading. The left space is then certified by the court judge. In the Mutual Consent Divorce paper sample, the details of the person applying for divorce are written first. Then the reply given by the other spouse is written. Finally, the agreed decision between husband and wife is written. Nepali Mutual Consent divorce paper Sample contains the following:

  • Name of husband and wife who want a divorce
  • Whether the wife is pregnant or not/ the pregnancy state of the wife
  • Whether the wife wants to claim for the property or not/ about property share and division
  • About the child custody if there is a child involved
  • Mention of the parent who will take the property share of the child
  • The visitation rights of the non-custodial parent

Court Order divorce paper Sample

If one of the spouses don’t agree on the divorce, then the final decision of the divorce is taken by the court. In the sample paper of divorce by the court order, the statements mentioned by both the parties(husband and wife) are written clearly, then the reason for which divorce has been granted is written. Therefore, the court order divorce sample paper is a representative of the court decision in the written form.


Divorce paper is the representative of the ending of your marital relationship. Therefore, a divorce paper should not be taken as the formal letter but it is the written form of the court decision. Divorce paper sample in Nepal has all the details mentioned about the divorce process and not just the name and photos of husband and wife. The divorce paper has all the details and agreements that have been arranged and settled at the time of divorce. The divorce paper is also the representation of your right to remarry. Therefore, keep this divorce paper safely and securely for your future purposes.

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