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Services of Divorce Nepal
Divorce Nepal was established with the objective of resolving marital
disputes. We have women and men law practitioners (lawyers) who are
proficient in family law all over Nepal. Our services are as follows:

  1. Counselling on family issues
  2. To mediate
  3. To file a case
  4. To argue/Litigate
  5. International Divorce Case Handling
  6. Advocating for the interests of children
  7. Divorce for non-resident Nepali
  1. Counselling on Family Issues
    In today’s modern society, family problems have increased. We have
    experienced women legal practitioners who will give you good advice.
  2. To Mediate
    Resolving family disputes through court proceedings is costly and time-
    consuming, therefore, these issues should be resolved through
    mediation. We have experienced men and women legal practitioners.
    The legal practitioners act as mediators in disputes.
  3. Filing a case
    If the relationship between the husband and wife does not move
    forward smoothly by mutual consent, then the relationship should be
    dissolved. Our legal practitioners are all over Nepal to file for divorce.
  4. To argue/Litigate
    The subject of family disputes tends to be sensitive. Legal practitioners
    appearing in court must understand family problems. Divorce Nepal has
    law practitioners who have more than 30 years of experience. Our legal
    practitioners understand your problem.
  5. International Divorce Case Handling
    People are now born in one country and study and marry in another. In
    the case of divorce in such marriages that took place in a different
    country other than Nepal, complex legal questions and processes arise.
    Divorce Nepal will assist you in such matters.
  6. Advocating for the interests of children
    Children are the ones who are most affected by divorce. Therefore, in
    the divorce proceedings, the best interest of children should be
    considered. We will help you learn how to benefit children in the best
    possible way.
  7. Divorce for non-resident Nepali
    The Divorce Nepal team provides legal advice and assistance to divorcing
    non-resident Nepali. Our legal practitioners inside and outside of Nepal
    can help you divorce easily.

Divorce Nepal is your companion, your friend and your counsellor. Trust
the legal practitioners of Divorce Nepal to help you in improve your
marital and family life. Remember Divorce Nepal when every possible
way to maintain your marriage and resolve your family disputes have
failed divorce Nepal will help you in every possible way.

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