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Why you should choose Divorce Nepal?

Marriage has always been regarded as a genuine institution in which two people and two family gets united. However, there can be certain circumstances because of which two people who were termed as husband and wife after marriage decide to end their relationship through a legal process named divorce. Taking divorce is not harmful neither divorce should be perceived as a stigma. Divorce is the process through which unhappy couple parts their ways so they again can find a suitable partner for themselves. However, the legal process of divorce can be stressful, emotional, painful, and expensive if not taken in the right way. That’s why Divorce Nepal is here for you.

We here at Divorce Nepal has been established with the main purpose of serving you in the easiest and simplest way. We (Divorce Nepal) as others also believe that marriage is the pure institution and the marital bond should not be diminished as much as possible. Therefore, we make efforts to reconcile both husband and wife and resolve their conflicts and disputes. We (Divorce Nepal) provide the environment to both husband and wife to communicate and put their misunderstanding in front so they can again get back to their normal happy married life.

However, if all the means of reconciliation have failed and there is no possibility of getting back together, then in this situation also, Divorce Nepal can help you. We (Divorce Nepal) understand the pain and emotional stress that you may go through the divorce process. We also understand the economic burden of all these legal procedures. Therefore, we are here for you to reduce the risk of loss, to reduce the severity of mental and emotional stress, and to minimize the economic burden. We (Divorce Nepal) have the portal named through which you can contact us for any assistance and guidance through an online platform as well.

About us (Divorce Nepal) and

Though our name suggested we work only for divorce services but our main motto has always been to stop divorce and reduce the rate of divorce in Nepal. Though urban life in major cities of Nepal has modernized but there are still villages where daughters are deprived of educational opportunities and are forced to get married at an early age. The other prevalent situation is forcing their daughters to get married early if the to be Groom reside in a foreign country or has foreign employment. In such cases, Nepali daughters endure lots of domestic violence and injustice in the name of the tradition of marriage. We are here to stop that violence and injustice against women. We(Divorce Nepal) are here to provide the right justice to Nepali daughters who often are forcefully evicted from home and are divorced easily without even giving them their rightful property share.

Our portal provides a free consultation to the needy women at such a stressful time. It doesn’t mean that we only believe in violence and injustice against women. We(Divorce Nepal) absolutely know that even men can go through such domestic violence at the hands of their wife and her relatives. Even husbands can be the victim of injustice and fraud. Therefore, we also work for those husbands who have become the victim in their marriage.

How does Divorce Nepal solve your problems and help you?

Divorce Nepal is here for you if you need any guidance, assistance, counselling, reconciliation remedies, and consultation. Here is how we can help you:

Experienced female lawyer

Divorce Nepal lawyers solely focus on Divorce-related cases. Only women understand the pain and feelings of a woman in a divorce. Divorce Nepal has many experienced women, legal practitioners. You can easily share your problems with us.

Fighting for husband’s rights

In today’s Nepali society, men suffer more than women. In fact, in a marital relationship, the husband suffers more than the wife. However, it is easier to for the wife to file for divorce whereas it is very difficult for the husband to file for a divorce. We have experienced divorce lawyers(both male and female) who have more than 30 years of experience in handling and solving the divorce cases. You may find that working with our divorce lawyer is a fantastic way to better understand the divorce process. We have not only worked and provided our service for the wives and women who have been the victim in marriage. But we have also served and guided the husbands who have been the victim in the marital bonds. We(Divorce Nepal) have represented many husbands in the court, filed their cases for divorce, and have provided them the justice they need.

Fight for child custody Right of father

The law and the court of Nepal always the mother when there is a question of child-raising and upbringing. But we don’t forget that father also loves his children just like the mother. Father also has the right to raise his child, take the equal part in decision making for the betterment of future of his children, we here at Divorce Nepal understand this emotion therefore we have worked to secure the rights of father for child custody in the court of Nepal.

Giving free advice

Divorce Nepal has been providing free advice and counselling to the couple who have tensions, disputes, and conflicts in their relationship. Divorce Nepal’s legal practitioners also provide free legal advice in case you have any problem in your marriage.

Immediately prevents domestic violence

Domestic violence is rampant and at a high rate in Nepal. If there is any domestic violence against a woman, we will help you immediately. If you call us immediately after the domestic violence has taken place, we will at once apply to the police to protect you from domestic violence. This also applies for the husbands who suffer from domestic violence.

Protects woman’s property rights

In Nepal, women are subjected to violence by their husbands and in-laws. After the violence, the women are often evicted from the house and deprive them from their property rights. Divorce Nepal protects the property rights of such women and victims. If the husband physically and mentally tortures his wife and evicts her from home, then we will file a case against the husband fr domestic violence and claim for the property share. We(Divorce Nepal) will also file the case in the court for holding any financial transaction regarding the property. So you can get your rightful share on the property.


Divorce Nepal has come into existence to help you. We have been fighting for the rights of victims no matter whether they are male or female. We also help in preventing any type of fraud that can happen after filing a case for property claims. Overall, Divorce Nepal is a service-oriented institution and not money-oriented. Therefore, choose us(Divorce Nepal) if you have any type of legal problems and trust our efficient team.

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